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LED Pharmacy Signs-PH48G276I

 AYD(h@hidly.cn) focus on Acrylic LED pharmacy signs for more than 15 years and we can customize any LED pharmacy signs for our customers. Don’t wait, start to customize your own LED pharmacy signs.
AYD Non Progromrabe Side Acrylic LED Pharmacy Signs-PH48G276:
Pharmacy sign model:PH48G276
Use Indoors Only.
One year warranty
Safe and cool to the touch.
Install in just a few minutes.
Adpter certification:UL,CUL,or CE.
Adapter input frequency:50/60Hz
Power cord that fits into a standard outlet.
Chain and hanging hardware included.
Does not contain toxic mercury like neon.
Unmatched brightness,even if the sun is directly on it!
Black ABS enclosure is just 1" thick. It won't get in the way of window shades.
All of our Real pharmacy LED Signs are 100% made by hand and use only U.L.(or CE) listed transformers
Drop your electric bills. LED signs use from 60 to 80 percent less electricity as compared to a neon sign.
Our special packaging techniques using a time-tested inner packhelps ensure that the pharmacy LED sign arrives in perfect condition.
pharmacy LED sign factory
pharmacy LED sign factory
pharmacy LED sign factory
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