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LED Gas Station Sign Remote Controller-C8-790

Features of the Seventh Generation LED Gas Station Sign LCD Remote Controller
gas station sign LCD remote controller
1. N.O: C8-790.
2.Net weight:0.2 kg
gas station sign LCD remote controller
gas station sign LCD remote controller
3.Controller size: 82*98 mm.
4. Work voltage:DC12-15 V
5.Power consumption: 0.3 W
7.Power Indicator light: red led
8. CPU working indicator: flash green led
9.Working temperature:-40-80 degree.
10.Through hundreds of tests and more than 100 detail improvements, and after seven generations of upgrading, industrial grade chips make the oil price screen work more stable.
11.Reserve 3 output interfaces (2 Rj45 and 1 socket): stronger output compatibility
12.The digit board can be opened and closed freely by the operator
13.The decimal point of the digit board can be turned on and off freely by the user.
14.Each interface can be connected to 32 digital boards (excluding 8 / 8 and 9 / 10 boards without modifying the value)
15.Can connect digital boards that do not need to be modified, such as 9 / 10, 8 / 8, oil grade, etc. you can adjust the brightness.
16.Multiple control modes: A. 100m radio frequency remote control mode; B. Connected with the computer and controlled by computer software.
17.With PWM brightness adjustment function, the adjustment methods are as follows: a. the environment automatically adjusts the brightness; b. The wireless RF controller adjusts the brightness; c. Computer software to adjust brightness.
18.Standard accessories : 1 board, 1 power line,1 CDS line,1 manual, 1 remotes .
19.Can drive "CASH" and "CREDIT".
  LCD Remote Instruction of Gas Sign
1.Remote Structure:
gas station sign LCD remote controller
 2. Remote Instruction of Modify Digit:
gas station sign LCD remote controller
  Step 1:Press (about 2 seconds) F1 key to start the machine and enter the main interface (as shown in Figure 1)。
  Step 2: Press F3 to read the data of the control card, and the screen appears “SUCCESSFUL”.
Step 3: Press F4 to enter the digital board modification interface, and move the cursor under the number to be modified through the direction key     。
  Step 4: Modify the number through the number key   。
  Step 5:Press“SEND”,appears“Executing…”,then appears“Succeeded!” or“Failed!”。
3. Remote Instruction of Setting Brightness:
gas station sign LCD remote controller
  Step 1: Press F5 on the main interface (Figure 1) to enter the brightness modification interface。
  Step 2: Modify the brightness value through the number keys: 0= not bright, 1 is the lowest brightness, 8 is the highest brightness, and 9 is the automatic brightness adjustment。 
Step 3: Press“SEND”,appears“Executing…”,then appears“Succeeded!” or“Failed!”。
4.Modify Layout:         
  Step 1: Press F6 on the main interface (Figure 1) to enter the layout modification interface。
gas station sign LCD remote controller
  Step 2: Modify the x value (the number of a row of digit) and y value (the number of rows) through the number keys, for example, the layout x=3, Y4 in Figure 2.
Step 3: Press“SEND”,appears“Executing…”,then appears“Succeeded!” or “Failed!”。
5. The remote control will shut down automatically without operation for 5 minutes。
Thank you very much for using our gas signs!
gas station sign LCD remote controller
gas station sign LCD remote controller
Gas Station Sign Remote Controller Packaging Details:
Remote controller size:82*98 mm
Single net weight:200 kg/pcs
Package size:30*15*10cm
G.W:0.5 kg
gas station sign LCD remote controller
gas station sign LCD remote controller
gas station sign LCD remote controller
gas station sign LCD remote controller
Frequently Asked Questions
1.What are the lead times for led gas station sign remote controller?
Upon payment, we will eventually process your order. However a lead time of 3 days is required. 
2.What do the led gas station signs remote controller come with?
Our led gas station signs remoter controller come with everything you need to operate such as main board,two remote,CDS line.
3.What is the warranty policy should the led gas station sign arrive damaged?
We are pleased to offer our convenient warranty policy.
4.What formats do these led gas station sign remote controller come in?
The signs formats are available in 8.88, 8.888, 8.888 9/10 and 8.88 8/8,Allow our customer service support to help you find the right regional format that you need.
5.How long do the led gas station sign last?
Our digit can last an average of 6 years.
6.Can you keep them on all day & night? And if so, will it affect the longevity?
Yes, you can keep them on 24/7 without affecting the longevity.
7.How to install the gas price signs remote controller?
Please click here to see installation diagram.
8.How do you pack the signs remoter controller?
We pack with utmost care to prevent breakage during shipping. Please refer to how we pack for more details.
9.Can you provide the solution of accessory?
Yes,we can.We are professional in led gas station sign
gas station sign LCD remote controller
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